Sunday, August 21, 2016

Epic East Coast - Day 52


Not much to report today except for a frustrating start to the day at the WestJet counter.  We couldn't check in on-line because their website claimed we owed money, and the kiosks at the airport that they force you to use said the same thing.  You can only talk to a guest agent if the kiosk doesn't work, which means that the only people in that line are people with serious ticket issues, so nothing moves very quickly.

Apparently when I picked our seats (and paid for the privilege), there was a system error and the transaction did not finish, even though I received a receipt e-mail.  The agent was forced to delete the transaction and repick our seats, which took her forever.  Seriously - we were there for over 15 minutes as she tapped away on the computer.  However, once she was done, things went quickly.  Security was empty, though it was an extremely long walk to the WestJet gates.  We got there, boarded and flew to Calgary.  In Calgary we ate lunch and then boarded a very short flight to Regina, arriving just after lunch local time.

Mom & Dad were there to pick us up and we quickly got our luggage and got back home, where some very excited kids ran around and played with all their toys and the trampoline.  We are finally home.